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Jun 28, 2021

In this episode, Ingrid Jenkins, Head of HR at Microsoft Australia, explores the benefits and pitfalls of a hybrid workforce, and how employers can create a networking strategy that works for everyone.

Bullet points of key topics & timestamps

- Understanding the challenges of remote work [00:07:49]

- Proximity bias and how to avoid it [00:13:24]

- Forming meaningful connections, both in person and remotely [15:59]

- New challenges and opportunities for the younger generation of professionals [00:22:26]

- Streamlining communications and the ‘joy of missing out’ [00:27:53]

Quote of the episode:

Ingrid Jenkins: ‘This is our time, I believe. I feel like organisations have never needed us more than what they need now. And the fact that we are in a position to define a new way or the future way of working, I hope, for all of us as HR professionals, that we are inspired by that.’

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